myiDecide Features

Why waste time and money with boring, outdated presentation tools when you could have all of this?

A “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Presentation Experience

Your prospect will love how engaging and interactive it is! They choose what they want to see and what they don’t, so when they do connect with you, they’ll be a qualified, informed prospect.

WOW Your Prospects!

Automate the initial sales step and deliver a one-of-a-kind interactive presentation that connects and engages the viewer. Their name and city in the presentation? They’ve NEVER seen that before!

Easy To Use!

Whether you choose to build a presentation from scratch with our simple drag-and-drop system or use one of our templates to get you started, myiDecide has been called “easier to use than PowerPoint”!

Instant Duplication and Results Without Rejection

Imagine even your newest sales rep doing a perfect presentation from Day 1! And with NO chance of getting rejected because they’ll only follow up with people who have seen a presentation and requested a call!


Your prospects get to choose what they want to see, not what you’re forcing them to see!

  • They answer questions.
  • They choose their journey.
  • Every presentation is customized to the viewer’s wants and needs!


You’ll get notified when someone starts and finishes watching your presentation!

  • Allows for prompt, efficient follow up.
  • You choose text or email notifications.
  • Never wonder if a prospect has seen your presentation again!

Real-Time Updates

Prospects will never see an outdated or out-of-compliance presentation… ever!

  • Updates are live instantly.
  • Edits are simple with just a few clicks.
  • Everyone who has EVER received your presentation will see the most up-to-date version!

“It works – iDecide is our #1 performing sales tool!”

Brad Horn

Marketing Director, BEMER


Be in control of your business with accurate, up-to-date metrics.

  • How many presentations were created?
  • How many were viewed?
  • What were the close rates, and much more!


myiDecide automatically places the viewer’s name in the presentation!

  • Increases engagement 3x!
  • Your credibility skyrockets!
  • They’ll instantly know your presentation is a massive step beyond a boring video!

“We work with only the best tools and we get the best results with iDecide! Fast and powerful duplication, even for our inexperienced members.”

Renze D.

AI Driven Geolocation Customization

Artificial Intelligence lets you show the viewer’s city in the presentation!

  • An impressive, “set yourself apart” feature!
  • A huge “WOW factor”!
  • Like many myiDecide features, not possible with ANY other presentation tool!

Appointment Setting

Viewers can book an appointment in the presentation!

  • They can choose the date and time…
  • You’ll get it in your notifications.
  • Or the presentation can send them to your calendar!

Let Them Buy
When They’re Ready

Many salespeople talk themselves out of a sale!

  • Links in the presentation go directly to your order page.
  • No-pressure closing lets the viewer choose when to buy.
  • Eliminates the “sales-pitch” anxiety and allows them to fully engage and explore your offer.

Videos In The Presentation

The attention span of someone watching a video is just 90 seconds, but you can use them in an iDecide presentation.

  • They can watch the video without leaving your myiDecide presentation.
  • Great for adding a personal touch or for complex info.
  • But keep them under 90 seconds!

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