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  • How do I save my progress?

    Your progress is automatically saved as you build, but we added a SAVE button in the bottom right corner for reassurance.

  • Can I change the theme after I've started building?
    Absolutely, just click “Themes” on the top navigation bar and select a new theme. You can see a preview of each theme in the tutorial video by clicking the “?” button.

  • Do I have to add narration to my slides?
    No you don’t. Just click “Continue” on the bottom to skip through the narration process. If you’d like to try adding an awesome AI voiceover, we recommend using WellSaid.

  • Can I upload my own music?
    Unfortunately, not yet! Hopefully, we’ll offer that feature to our subscribers soon.

  • How do I add a slide into my presentation?
    Simple. iDecide is a drag-n-drop editor. Select the slide you would like to add and place it on the timeline.

  • I need to add more lines of text to my slide. How do I do that?
    Unfortunately, right now you can’t add another line of text. For example, if you chose a slide that has 1 line of text you aren’t able to add a second line. Here’s a tip: if you aren’t sure how many lines you’ll need, we suggest choosing the text slide that has the most amount of lines and then only use the ones you need.

  • How do I view my published presentation?
    Once you finish publishing your presentation, it will automatically be added to your iDecide Back Office. Click the back-office quick link on the publish screen or login to login.iDecide.com/members. Then you can send it just as you would any other presentation. 

  • How do I reach customer service with questions?
    You can email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

  • Do I need a separate subscription for myiDecide and iDecide presentations?
    No. All iDecide products connect to the same back office.

  • How do I add the myiDecide I created to my back office?
    Once you publish your presentation it will automatically be added to your back office. And anytime you edit and re-publish your myiDecide, it will automatically update in your back office and anyone else’s who’s using it!

  • How is myiDecide different than iDecide Assist and iDecide Custom?
    myiDecide is our new, drag-n-drop presentation builder that is easier to use than PowerPoint. You can make your presentations interactive, add main menus, put the viewer’s name IN the presentation, and so much more! iDecide assist is an upgraded version where our team will build the presentation for you on the myiDecide platform based on your answers to an 8 question survey. iDecide Custom is available to our enterprise customers with advanced graphics and animations curated by our talented graphic design team. Please visit the Pricing tab to see a feature breakdown between products.

  • What if I buy a presentation then want you to build it for me?
    We’d love to! Login to your myiDecide builder and find the list of existing presentations in your account. You’ll see a button that asks “Need Help Building?” with the option to upgrade to the iDecide Assist product, where our team of professionals builds your myiDecide then adds it to your account so you can edit it as you please.

  • I’ve seen an iDecide presentation before, does myiDecide have all the cool features iDecide Custom has?
    No. Your myiDecide presentation can’t do the advanced features that iDecide Custom can. Please visit the Pricing tab for a feature comparison of each product.

  • Can other members of my team use the presentation I build?
    Yes! Have each member of your team subscribe to iDecide and enter the iDecide ID assigned to your presentation once it’s published. Hint Hint: Check out our affiliate program to get credit for your referrals!

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